Pastors Letter: May

The little girl was

in a children’s

program at her

church.  She had

rehearsed and

memorized and

practiced until

she knew her

part well.  She

was to begin the

entire program

as she walked

out on the stage,

turned to face the audience—and froze.  Seeing all those people, with their eyes all focused on her, was more than she had bargained for.  Her lines faded from her mind and she stood still unable to speak or move.

Her mother, sitting on the front row, became as frantic as the little girl.  She gestured, and mouthed the words, but all to no avail.  Finally, in desperation, the mother whispered the opening phrase, “I am the light of the world” Instantly, the child’s face relaxed, a smile appeared, and with renewed confidence she began: “My mother is the light of the world.”

That little girl accidently illustrated a great truth.  Only Jesus is “the light of the world,” but mothers often act on his behalf.  As someone else has so aptly put it, “Because God can’t be everywhere at once, he made mothers.”

Happy woman’s day.  If you are fortunate enough to still have your mother living be sure and give her a call.


Pastor Mike

Altar A. Ego

Let us count our blessings one by one


The man was depressed.  His friend said, ‘Sam, you really look down, what’s wrong?

“Well,” Sam replied, “two weeks ago my aunt died and left me “$50,000.”


“I’m sorry to hear about her death.”  The friend said, “But why are you depressed.”

“Why?” Sam answered, “last week my uncle died, and he left me $75,000.


“What’s bad about that?” The friend asked again.


“What’s bad about that?” Said Sam, “This week—nothing.”

Not many of us have

been left $50,000 one

week and $70,000 next—

But we so easily fall into

a pattern of

concentrating on what

we did not get rather

than what we have. 

When you take inventory,

remember to count your blessings, not the items which are not on the shelves.


I came across this story while I too shelterd in place.  As I do so I’ve noticed it is so easy to begin to feel sorry for myself.  I haven’t been given $50,000 but I am still alive.  I haven’t been given $75,000 but I have a home I can shelter in with more food than I need.   I have friends I can talk to and people that I love and love me.  Most importantly I have a Lord who lifts me up daily and gives me strength.  Most of us can say the same thing.  During these tough times let’s focus on what we have not what we don’t have.


Yours, still hoping for that rich relation or friend,

Altar A. Ego

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