Christ Community Church of Greater Lansing is an amazing place to have your wedding. The historic Romanesque structure, one block north of the State Capital, was built in 1889 and is complete with beautiful stained glass, curved oak pews and one of the largest pipe organs in mid-Michigan. The Church is available to members as well as non-members and welcomes Christian clergy from other mainstream Christian denominations to officiate weddings.


Basic Information

Premarital Counseling is available and is included when using our clergy, but can be added as an additional service.

Seating Capacity - the sanctuary will accommodate 400.

Decorations during the Christmas season include poinsettias and during the Easter season include Easter lilies. It is important to remember that no tape or other sticky materials may be used on our aged wood or any other surfaces when setting up your own decorations - we're happy to suggest alternative methods to set up just about anything decorative! No items in the building or permanent attached fixtures may be moved or removed without the express consent of the Senior Pastor.

All outside clergy must be approved by our Senior Pastor before a wedding date can be confirmed.

From Us,

For you

Wedding Hostess

The wedding hostess is included in the sanctuary fee. Your hostess will work with you and be present at both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony. She will also guide the wedding party processional and assist as needed during the ceremony.


Organist /Accompanist (at both rehearsal and ceremony)

Prices for the organist are included in the santuary fee. Because of the delicate nature of the organ, only Christ Community Church staff may operate it.



Soloist pricing is determined by that individual and should be discussed in advance.

The fees will be paid through the church.

We have very talented soloists available for you to consider. Based on your music selections, we'd be happy to help you select the soloist best suited for your needs.


Sound Technician

A sound technician is included in the sanctuary fee.

A microphone for the minister and one additional microphone will be provided.


We will be happy to recommend a videographer/photographer for your wedding.

Arrangements for services and payment will be made between the couple and the photographer.

Fees &


Sanctuary- $1000.00

The following services are included when renting the sanctuary:

  • 2 hours use of the sanctuary on the day of the rehearsal

  • During the two hours provided on the day of the rehearsal all decorating activities are expected to be completed.

  • 5 hours use of the sanctuary on the day of the ceremony.

  • During the five hours provided on the day of the wedding all activities are expected to be completed: dressing, the ceremony itself, photographs, and removal of all decorations.

  • Wedding Hostess at rehearsal and ceremony

  • Musical Accompaniest

  • Sound Technician with two microphones.

  • Caretaker Services

  • Janitorial Services


Pastoral Services - $350.00

Our pastor will meet with you for two sessions (1 initial meeting and 1 to plan ceremony) plus the rehearsal and ceremony.

Additional premarital counseling is available for $50 per session (three are recommended) plus $40 for the prepare/enrich materials.